Where breaking the rules is highly encouraged, fun is required, while lessons are learned. A creative blog expressing the lifestyle of taking full advantage of every weekend and all possibilities. The only swear word that’s not allowed is ‘no’ and every opportunity is taken with everything I’ve got.

Priscilla Big Sur

I believe that great things happen when you are the driving force behind what makes them happen. After co-founding funlifecrisis.com, I realized I wanted to share my experiences more intimately and personally. Thus, welcome to Rule the Breaks.

I have a full-time job as a Marketing Design Specialist and I ‘rule the breaks’ on the side. For everyone else who works the 9-5 and needs some inspiration for the other 16 hours of the day (plus weekends!), this site is for you.

I describe myself as the daring adventurist with a slight influence of common sense. Based in Orange County, California, I never take for granted a sunny day or an extra day added to the weekend. Stay tuned for everything you need to rule your breaks the right way!